Company Overview

Alivio Therapeutics is a biotechnology company developing novel drug formulations for treating inflammatory diseases. Alivio’s technology platform is a proprietary delivery technology that is designed to entrap a broad array of bioactives, target them to inflamed tissue, and then release them to a greater or lesser degree based on the amount of inflammation that is present. The technology was developed by biomaterials pioneers Jeff Karp, PhD and Robert Langer, ScD. The novel properties of the technology have been published twice in Science Translational Medicine (Gajanayake et al., Sci Transl Med 6, 249ra110 (2014); Zhang et al., Sci Transl Med 7, 300ra128 (2015)).

We currently have an opening for a full-time scientist or engineer with skills and experience in pharmaceutical formulations development.

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop bench-scale processes to synthesize and purify hydrogel formulations
  • Optimize hydrogel formulations to achieve target loadings, release rates, and performance properties with both small molecule and biological active agents
  • Prepare hydrogel formulations to support bench and preclinical studies
  • Develop procedures and formulations for oral dosing, including hydrogel lyophilization, capsule loading, and enteric coatings
  • Develop bench level in vitro testing systems to determine hydrogel performance specifications
  • Characterize hydrogel formulations using assays to quantify drug loading and release rates
  • Characterize biological therapeutics (e.g., antibodies, cytokines) using standard techniques, such as ELISAs and specific activity assays
  • Develop product dosage forms to meet shelf-life, sterilization and delivery requirements
  • Coordinate testing at external contract research organizations as needed
  • Design experiments, interpret data, and problem solve with a high level of independence and creativity to advance formulation and product development efforts
  • Create and manage a formulations database to tabulate properties and experimental results
  • Draft standard operating procedures, study protocols, and technical reports
  • Create presentations and present progress to senior management
  • Maintain laboratory equipment, stock basic laboratory supplies and chemicals, and coordinate waste removal as needed
  • Maintain a clear, detailed laboratory notebook to document all experiments and findings
  • Attain scientific knowledge in hydrogel formulations and lead clinical indications

Required Qualifications

  • MS or PhD in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science, or related discipline (title and compensation commensurate with experience) and 0-3 years of industry experience
  • Experience in pharmaceutical formulations development
  • Immediate availability
  • Excellent communication, organization and technical writing skills
  • Strong problem solving skills and the ability to work independently in a small company environment
  • Track record of high quality publications
  • Ability to work in a team setting to meet company goals and timelines

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience using HPLC
  • Experience with development of device delivery systems
  • Experience with oral formulations, including small molecule and protein payloads, oral capsules, and enteric coatings
  • Experience with bioassays (e.g., ELISAs, activity assays), protein quantification (e.g., BCA)
  • Experience in sterile technique, cell culture, and cell-based assays