Dr. Radovic-Moreno is a co-founder of Alivio Therapeutics and a Senior Vice President at PureTech Health. He is also a co-founder of Vor Biopharma, an immuno-oncology company which completed a $42M Series A financing in February 2019. He was previously a Research Scientist at the biotech startup Exicure (formerly AuraSense Therapeutics), where he was a lead inventor of the company's core immunotherapy platform. Dr. Radovic-Moreno completed his graduate work as a NSF Fellow in Robert Langer's lab at MIT, where he developed novel strategies for managing bacterial infections, including a novel vaccine candidate for chlamydia, a disease for which no vaccine currently exists. Dr. Radovic-Moreno was awarded the Alumni Achievement Award by the Pennsylvania State University for extraordinary professional accomplishment by graduates under the age of 35. Dr. Radovic-Moreno received his B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University and PhD in Chemical and Biomedical Engineering from MIT and the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences & Technology.