Alivio Therapeutics is advancing a platform technology that could enhance the treatment of inflammatory diseases.

Alivio Therapeutics is developing novel drug formulations for treating inflammatory diseases. There are numerous conditions caused by chronic inflammation which represent multibillion dollar markets. Despite the magnitude of the unmet need and the substantial progress in basic research, few truly novel drugs have come to market in the last decade. A major complicating factor has been that the pathways that modulate inflammation act broadly – so that agents that seek to dampen inflammation locally can have substantial side effects and toxicity.

Alivio is developing a new solution to the delivery problem in inflammation. Alivio’s technology platform is a proprietary delivery technology that is designed to entrap a broad array of bioactives, target them to inflamed tissue, and then release them to a greater or lesser degree based on the amount of inflammation that is present.  The technology was developed by biomaterials pioneers Jeffrey Karp, PhD and Robert Langer, ScD. The novel properties of the technology have been published twice in Science Translational Medicine